Johnson & Johnson Needs to “Save Face.” 600 word essay with

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I must submit my own individual minimum 500 word submission consisting of my input on any topic from this week’s reading that focuses on my part of a research project (see below).
My topic:
Product and Service Design – e.g. changing a products design from one year to another in an effort to change J&J Baby Products. How do I evaluate and sustain the J&J brand? Obviously the company needs to eliminate dangerous minerals/products, but the company also needs to “save face.”
Keep in mind that anything that has to do with J&J Company is perfect! Johnson & Johnson is under major scrutiny/lawsuits due to asbestos and formaldehyde included in their baby products “cash cow.” Very sick and they should be penalized.
You must include:
1.     Five quality sources in APA format
2.     Provide five different journal sources that will support ideas for your individual topic. The sources should come from the SPC online library.
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You must choose academic or peer reviewed articles only from the SPC Online library. 
3.     You need to provide APA references.
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