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True Friendship

     Friendship is an important part of humanity. People often gravitate towards others who share similar interests and establish close relationships with one another. Besides the positive association that comes with friendship, good friends can serve as an emotional and social support structure and improve each other’s lives. However, friendship comes in many forms, some of which are good and others which are detrimental. Some people may establish close relationships with others simply in order to take advantage of them, and may do so under the guise of friendship. True friendship involves motivating friends to be better people, being available whenever friends need each other, and supporting each other through adversity.

The first aspect of true friendship is positive support. Genuine friends always motivate one another and challenge each other to become better people. A true friend accepts an individual as he is, but pushes him to become the best version of himself possible. True friends are also never reluctant to call each other out whenever they feel that the other person is wrong. Openness is an important feature of true friendship, which means that true friends share a gentle honesty with one another (Furnham 94). New friends may not be straightforward in telling people exactly what they think. However, true friends are comfortable around each other and speak their minds to each other.

Another feature of true friendship is availability. True friends prioritize their friendship and make time for one another. A true friend presents his full attention and awareness towards his friend and makes his presence a priority. Superficial or opportunistic friends may only present themselves when they are in need or when their presence serves to benefit themselves and not their friends. True friends can always be relied upon and will often listen whenever their friends have something to say (Furnham 96). Having open conversation with friends improves relationships and strengthens the relationships between people. This genuine interest in the welfare of other people defines true friendship.

In addition, genuine friends support each other through adversity. Many people love to be associated with successful people and often support their friends during times of success. However, genuine friends support each other in times of trouble and help each other endure the rough patches in life. True friends understand each other and help one another in their decision making (Furnham 100). When things go wrong, true friends will always remain close and support each other to overcome the hardship.

Many people seek friends who improve their own lives. Mutual benefit often dictates the relationships between most friends. Whenever this benefit ceases to exist, the friendship often ends as well. However, true friends usually consider each other’s welfare and remain close through all circumstances. True friends provide support for each other and make each other better people. They are never reluctant to speak their minds around each other. Genuine friendship also involves being available for each other and listening to whatever the other friend has to say. True friends also remain close whenever adversity befalls one of them. It is easy to find superficial friends. However, true friendship is a gem that people cherish throughout their lives.

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