identify similarities and differences in how the cultures

Submit a 2- to 3-page paper that addresses the following components. Be sure to include references to Learning Resources, including media.

Analyze the bias in the Australian and Chitling intelligence tests assigned in the Week 2 Learning Resources. Give examples from both assigned tests of what makes an intelligence test unfair to people of different cultures.
Explain whether an intelligence test in general could be constructed without cultural bias. Include your reasoning and support your views with relevant research.
Select two cultural factors (e.g., environment, socioeconomic, biological, and family) that you believe have the greatest influence on intelligence. Explain the factors and your reasoning.
For the two cultures that you researched, explain each culture’s definition of intelligence and identify similarities and differences in how the cultures view intelligence.
Based on what you learned this week, create a personal definition of intelligence that includes your concept of “common knowledge.” Explain the influences that helped you arrive at this definition.