Scenario for Discussion

Scenario and problem solving steps

A family-run company has a very limited budget and cannot afford anything but the most minimum customer service department; one member of the family answers the phone between cooking and dealing with vendors. They have determined that 60% of their customers are over 50 years of age. However, their website, spurred by families using their food items over generations, seems to be more and more popular in terms of generating on-line sales of items by younger family members. They are limited in terms of personnel as most of the parents in the company family are running the operations side of the business; getting the product made and packaging and shipping it out. They have received the following analytics, as seen below, that a statistically oriented member of the family has created.

Overview of the Problem-solving steps:

1. Define the problem or problems.

2. Prioritize the resolution

3. Brainstorm alternative solutions based on priorities

4. Reach a mutually agreed upon resolution that pleases the customer

5. Follow-up: Make sure customer is pleased and express appreciation.

Tip: Start with each product category (there are 4 total) and look at how many sales were missed via call in versus online sales by month.