Hypothesis on antibody to CYP2C8

Human Liver cell lines can be cultured. You decide to study the enzyme cytochrome P450 CYP2C8 that is involved in drug metabolism. You would like to determine if the amount of CYP2C8 changes when liver cells are exposed to the drug Ambien. Ambien is metabolized by the liver. Assume there is an antibody available to CYP2C8. 
a) State a hypothesis for this study.

b) How would you carry out this experiment? What you would do to determine the chemical Ambien is effecting the protein CYP2C8 in a liver cell line.
Should be in the flowing form…”the human liver cell line will be plated in ….well dishes. The cells will be treated with___, ___, and ___ amounts of __ for ____amount of time. Then……