HP Strategies & Tactics

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HP Strategies & Tactics


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1)Boston REACH Coalition video

The Boston REACH Coalition video reveals some very important coalition concepts. Among them is the idea of people coming together. In the video members of the African American community have decided to come together (Dailymotion, 2019). They have noted the health disparities in their communities and have decided to pool their resources together. Another coalition concept evident in the video is a common goal. All the members of the coalition in the video would like a situation where members of the African American community in Boston have the same health outcomes as the Caucasian members of the society.

The health disparities mentioned in the video can be attributed to the social environment in which people live. Members of the African American community live in areas which are not rich in resources. This means that they have fewer opportunities to engage in healthier habits compared to members of the Caucasian community who live in resource rich neighborhoods. This has led to African Americans having disproportionately poorer health outcomes. Boston REACH can improve this by advocating for an increase in the necessary health related resources in black communities such as quality health facilities and markets where fresh groceries are sold(Altman, 2014).Testimony to the Labor Health and Human Services Video,Dr. Randy Pausch displayed several advocacy concepts. Among them was creating an emotional connection. He told his story about pancreatic cancer in a manner that appealed to the emotions of all the listeners (Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, 2008). Another concept was the sharing of all the relevant knowledge. He shared all the knowledge that he felt was relevant on the topic such as the lack of progress in the search for better treatment methods for pancreatic cancer and the lack of funding for research to this effect.Voluntary policies, local ordinances state law and federal law can affect health outcomes in target populations. They can determine the funding that is dedicated to a given health factor in the target population. This in turn determines the number of people willing to work on the given health issue facing the target population. In essence system factors help to determine which health factors receive the most attention in terms of funding (Loue, Lloyd, 2017).

2)  After watching the building healthier community’s video with the Boston reach coalition I took away two main concepts that I saw were reinforced in their community. First, the Boston reach coalition creates a place of comfort by being able to provide their community to come to meetings and feel like their voices are heard and to learn about keeping each other healthy by collaborating with doctors and to meet people like themselves. Second, is the changing of policies to create health equality. The coalition isn’t just focused on people’s everyday behavior but on the community health outlook and how to make those changes on a government level. That leads me to the health disparities, not having the same healthy resources for the African American community when comparing to the white communities in Boston has led to health disparities with misinformation about health and health food choices to give a few examples.  Watching the testimony that Dr. Randy Paush gave to the Labor Health and Human Services board was very interesting and informative. He really wanted lawmakers to hear how important it is to get funding for research on pancreatic cancer. He explained that a lot of patients with pancreatic cancer don’t live very long so it was important to him to get in front of them and explain how truly terrible pancreatic is for patients. He gave a lecture to students regarding pancreatic cancer and it was recorded and put on YouTube that had 6 million views before he gave his testimony to lawmakers in DC. He said in his statement that he was an accidental celebrity and he used his platform to spread the word on how lightly funded pancreatic cancer research is. He repeatedly said in his statement on if young, ambitious researchers had funding to research pancreatic cancer then the future could be bright for patients that get diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and if it didn’t get proper funding then he wouldn’t have much hope for those patients. Government policies are extremely important to cases like this. Breast cancer has come a long way from just twenty years ago and it has everything to do with researchers getting that funding in order to calm, cure or even pause a disease.