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How to write a common app essay prompt

How to write a common app essay prompt

Common App Essay Prompts: Definition and Importance

If you want to know how to write about common app essay prompts, then you are in the right place. To start with you are given seven common application essay prompts. You have to select and write one in no more than 650 words. Luckily, we at Fast Nursing Help are aware that before departing for college, students often experience much anxiety and stress. They must take the SAT, visit campuses, complete senior year schedules and prepare all documents related to admissions procedures. The Common Application, recognized by over 1,000 colleges and universities worldwide, helps applicants take an essential step in this process.


Needless to say, you should not find yourself getting lost in what to include in your assignment simply because you do not know how to write a common app essay prompt. Yet, your Common App essay is your chance to make yourself stand out among applicants with similar academic backgrounds and could make or break your chances at institutions like Ivy League Schools where hundreds of talented students vie for few available spots. All colleges participating in comprehensive admissions processes seek to evaluate you beyond simply numerical information such as test scores or grade averages; thus, giving weight to personal essays as part of this evaluation process.


If you are like many students, panic comes and you experience a writer’s block. A trusted method to remove writer’s block is to ask yourself why when you do not know what to write next. Most importantly, remember that personal statements that stand out are critical. Writing an App essay that is personal, interactive and authentic requires patience.

What is new for 2023?

The Common App prompts were released for class 2023 students in January 2022 so that they would have enough time to prepare and write an outstanding essay over summer break. Select the prompt that allows you to best answer this question; writing your essay must not exceed 650 characters; use every range without feeling pressured! Your Common App essay will stand out among others as you demonstrate that you can write succinctly yet still demonstrate originality. Below we present some tips for writing an effective essay before moving on to specific prompts.


We Have Some Advice on Writing Your Essay

From our observations, the ideal candidates tend to be those who push themselves beyond what is expected and engage in various leisure activities while writing an impactful admissions essay. While academic achievement and extracurricular participation play an essential part in university admissions procedures, universities also consider other factors, including if candidates can successfully contribute to faculty and staff members as well as how you present themselves to them. The admissions committee cares a great deal about how candidates present themselves for consideration.

The Writing Service has put together a list of suggestions designed to make you stand out among other college applicants.

Beginning Your Essay with an Engaging Introduction

In order to engage the reader and get them excited about reading your personal statement essay, you must capture the reader’s interest from the start. Think of your personal statement as going out on a first date. You want to make an excellent first impression by starting with something striking or humorous. With such an approach, no matter if there aren’t many words written – people will want more from what they read!

Examine the Horizon

Whatever kind of essay you write, take some time to contemplate your future goals. You should also consider which qualities may help in your chosen field of endeavour. Don’t panic; this doesn’t need to be specific about careers – simply talk generally about your passions and beliefs to show your audience you have one!

Make Your Essay Transparent

A successful essay requires your openness with your reader about what you care about and why. All these require some degree of vulnerability on your part. Do you need to share every aspect of your life? Of course, not – your reader will find it easier to relate if they understand your issues and way of thinking. Subsequently, our economic essay writing service ensures you still have plenty of words. This counts little even if nothing life-altering has happened to you. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions if anything seems unclear and try linking experiences and values. Your openness will also ensure greater appreciation from readers!

Include Your Ideals in Your App Essay

Admissions officers need to understand what excites, motivates, or inspires the writer of an outstanding personal essay. That could include anything from wittiness, creativity, society and/or freedom. When reviewing your writing again you will identify at least three to five distinct values within it that resonate. When doing this you should also consider similarities or diversity of these qualities. An apt example is persistence, hard work, and dedication are similar ideals. On the other hand, adaptability and sound limits might highlight specific ones more strongly than similar ideals might. All these attributes come in handy when you are learning how to write common app essay prompts.

Ask Questions Without Hesitation

Do not shy off from asking difficult questions and ponder their answers in your essay. This is because no one knows all the answers yet! Questioning should not be seen as a weakness but instead as an opportunity for personal growth and moving forward in life. Knowing how to ask good questions shows intelligence, sincerity and sophistication. Furthermore, as you acquire skills on how to write common app essay prompts this will make your reader feel at ease. The reader requires no discouragement when reading your piece.

Always Make it About You

Many students choose to write personal statements on controversial or difficult subjects. They do so because the selected topics resonate well with their personality, beliefs and heritage. There may exist multiple layers to these complex issues that take years of study to fully grasp. While you might choose a specific event or struggle as your focus, ultimately this essay should be about YOU and YOUR goals for college. Avoid getting so wrapped up in details that it distracts from this goal. A rule of thumb when it comes to unitizing how to write common app essay prompts skills is: focus the majority of it around YOU as the main subject matter! After all best practice in using Using tips on how to write a common app essay prompt is to discuss an achievement or event that was triggered by a personal and new understanding of yourself.

Ask Questions Without Hesitation

Play with Your Creativity Writing unexpected and creative essays is effective when taking into consideration student goals and storytelling style. Breaking up an essay by being more imaginative may provide much-needed relief. All you have to do is make sure not to sacrifice quality or readability! We recommend trying this approach if it helps your reader understand your thought process better. Don’t forget you can always revisit drafts later.

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How to Write Common App Essay Prompts: Taking on These Topics

Now we can offer our readers some suggestions to assist them when writing by reviewing Common App essay topics of 2023.  Knowing how to tackle the 2023 common app essay topics yourself may make life much simpler! You do not require to hire a professional dissertation writer then.

Tips on How to Write Common App Essay Prompts: Common App Prompt 1 – Accomplishments Essay

The common app essay prompts for 2023 are out, and we need to reassure you that they haven’t changed. And because we take pride in getting you the most insightful and timely advice on how to write common app essay prompts on the internet, we have prepared a guide to help you explore the skeletal logic of all seven prompts. Why so? Because both personal statements and application essays should include an acknowledgement of achievements in your application or personal statement. They should also show how your achievements have made an impactful statement about yourself to others. What examples would demonstrate such influence?

Have You Won a Prize in Writing or Athletic Competition? Write Your Personal Essay About Success now! If so, write about your own personal growth. Alternatively, you can write about notable accomplishments resulting from an educational or professional venture.  Either one could have involved multiple people rather than individual accomplishments.

Learn How to Write Common App Essay Prompts: Common App Prompt 2 – Background Essay

While providing more details about yourself may help make your application more complete, one of the most intriguing Common App essay prompts remains this one – Background Essay (Common App Prompt 2). You are asked to write an authentic, honest and compelling narrative essay. The essay seeks to help the admissions team better understand who you are.

Whoever is brave enough can share specifics on what makes them unique. Colleges want to understand your personality and identity. They also want to know whether or not you can contribute may depend on the kind of person you are.

Tips on How to Write Common App Essay Prompts: Common App Prompt #3 – Setback Essay

Failure is the mother of success. With these Common App prompts students are encouraged to express and write about their problems. When writing they should highlight positive aspects of the experience for a balanced essay. What lessons can be gleaned from what has transpired thus far?

Remind yourself of an event or situation which altered the course of your life for either good or ill, such as major defeats which weren’t expected but helped pave the way to future successes. Imagine something which wasn’t in your plan happening but has led to new paths leading towards success down the road.

Learn How to Write Common App Essay Prompts: Common App Prompt #4 – Gratitude Essay

These Common App essay questions 2023 provide a unique opportunity to reveal key parts of your personality when written well. It will be fascinating to witness your behaviour when feeling grateful toward someone or something they have done – this test can show whether you can express gratitude effectively and whether your behaviour changes when experiencing feelings of appreciation for others.

Reflect upon a recent speech you heard. Write about how it made you feel, whether or not it was sincere and how much gratitude there is within yourself for what was said. You can also write about any actions taken (or lack thereof); how this gratitude affected you personally; if so, share how this changed or affected them in response.

Common App Prompt #5 – Passion Essay

These Common App essay subjects ask you to consider what motivates and excites you, including passions that may change over time. Look at an issue or subject which stirs a passion within you; describe first the passion itself before going on to describe its effects and then how these feelings manifest themselves through writing.

Learn How to Write Common App Essay Prompts: Common App Prompt #6: Topic of Your Choice

By now you have seen how different people have responded to this prompt. Your topic choice could have similarities or is altogether new; here you can demonstrate originality! To show empathy and present an original view in your essay, select one you know well so the material flows more naturally without overthinking or becoming overwhelming; explain why the topic is significant while sharing personal stories to demonstrate sincerity and demonstrate sincerity.

Selecting a topic that presents challenges can demonstrate your critical thinking abilities while offering new insight. By avoiding extreme views and looking at multiple angles of approach to issues at hand, you can demonstrate that you care deeply for their resolution while offering original perspectives.

Tips on How to Write Common App Essay Prompts: Common App Prompt #7: Challenger Essay

One of the innovative Common App essays prompts for 2023 is Challenger Essay, wherein applicants reflect upon a time they challenged an idea or belief. How did you come to believe it, and what was its result? When presented with evidence that challenges your beliefs or notions, you have to change your point of view and attitude. Challenging antiquated beliefs is an integral component of becoming an educated individual capable of growing and adapting for the better.

No doubt you can recall an experience in which one of your loved ones directly disproved something you believed to be true. Take note of your viewpoint, impressions and interactions with this individual; document whether this brought you closer together or caused conflict within your relationship.

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More Academic Help on Tips on How to Write Common App Essay Prompts

We understand that writing the Common App essay can be daunting, as its outcome will impact on both academic and professional success. With that in mind, we have provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this subject so as to alleviate any anxieties and questions you might have about its completion. There’s no quick fix when it comes to crafting the ideal Common App essay – however our custom paper writing has provided guidance that will help you compose one that will get noticed by admissions officers. We also reiterate that an admission essay is usually the first and most significant personal essay a candidate will ever write.


What are the seven Common App essay prompts?

  1. Many applicants believe their application would be incomplete without including something special about themselves – from heritage, character or passions – that might make their application stand out. If that sounds like you, share your story.
  2. Lessons gained through difficult experiences can have a tremendous effect on our future success. Share an account of a difficult situation, defeat, or loss you overcame; what were its effects? And recall any time when you challenged or opposed an idea or viewpoint and why; what made you believe it; and what was its result.
  3. Imagine someone did you a favour and was surprised at how appreciative you felt of it – what were its implications on you? Give an example of an event, triumph or insight which has facilitated growth both personally and collectively.
  4. Explain an experience so captivating to you, that time seems to pass faster. Why does this attract your interest so strongly? Who or what do you contact for additional details?
  5. Use any piece you have written on the subject matter of your choice as your Common App essay submission. Previously written essays can also be submitted or created specifically for another challenge. What should you avoid doing when composing the Common App essay?
  6. Avoid making these common essay errors that admissions officers encounter when reviewing the Common Application.

Things to Avoid when Learning Tips on How to Write Common App Essay Prompts Papers

Essays are one of the many types of writing you must perform. Instead of engaging in poetry writing or script writing or intellectual dissertation writing, focus on essay writing. Just do it.

  1. Your essay should focus entirely on you as the central figure. Achievable success involves using personal language and presenting unique perspectives without using cliched expressions; admissions officers want to see you shine!
  2. Correct words, syntax errors and misspellings in college applications are unacceptable. Your personal essay must be the best writing you’ve done so far and become an A+ essay when polished.
  3. What Are Common Application Essay Prompts to Write? Writing essays is probably the most enjoyable aspect of applying to college; using Common App essay topics allows you to convey stories about your personality, history, hobbies, skills and ambitions while showing the inspectors who examine applications what special qualities and experiences that make each of us unique.

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