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The MLA and APA Citation/Reference

Writing a “Works Cited Page can be quite tricky. According to the Purdue Online Writing Lab, there are different requirements on how to write references for different types of sources. For instance, how one cites a journal is different from how one cites a book. However, this does not need to be as hard as it sound. Rather than try to remember all these things, there is an easier way of doing it.

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Due to the advancement of technology, there are various mobile Apps and Online resources that can help in writing of the reference page. In this case, we shall discuss one of the easiest online resources:

CiteFast offers various citation formats according to the latest guidelines. It also goes on to highlight how in-text citations are supposed to be made.

If you don’t have an idea of what in-text citations are, this is what you need to know about them. When writing an assignment, one may be prompted to write a direct quotation from a certain source, this implies that the writer may have to indicate where the quote is derived from in short form. This short-form of citing is known as In-text citation.” The thing about in-text citations is that they are supposed to be short since more details on the source material are indicated on the reference page.

Away from in-text citations, when using CiteFast, ensure that all source details are correct and properly entered. One major advantage of using the platform is that it has a huge collection of source materials such as books, journals, and other publications that are often auto-filled whenever a user selects them. However, ensure that you adhere to the recommendations provided in the details section.

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