How to write a definition essay

How to write a defintion essay

How to write a definition essay

What is a Definition Essay?

This paper requires you to explain a specific word in a formal way. In other words, this essay is a formal explanation of a single word.

A definition essay describes a complicated term with significant historical and background origins. It is also meant to be relatable. In fact, word in context may appear simple to define but after acquiring skills on how to write a definition essay with the use of a writing guide only sample essays will drive the point home. This is why the word “love” is a great example. It is almost impossible to explain it in a short amount of time. Yet, each one of us has some hint of what it means. Seeing that you have enough space to write a definition essay on it, you can go ahead and compose one that would accurately represent it.

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Different types of definitions commonly used in essays

This article on how to write a definition with a writing guide that undeniably uses sample essays to reinforce the points discussed inculcates a culture of creative and critical thinking.  People are usually interested in defining words or concepts in their field of interest. You may also have discovered an intriguing term with a complicated history that is worth exploring. Consider what you can do with this term before you make it the subject of your definition essay.

All things considered, these are some of the ways you can approach your definition essay using our essay writing services.

Analysis – Break down the subject into smaller parts and then define each element separately.

  • Classification – To which classes does this issue belong?
  • Comparison – Unusual items can be distinguished by comparing them to the usual.
  • Details – What are the distinguishing characteristics of the paper’s idea?
  • Negation – Explain what it’s not, and narrow down what it actually is.
  • The Origins and Causes – What is the source of the theme’s origin? What background information is available? What is the history of this idea?
  • Results and Effects: Discuss the after-effects of the subject.

Some Interesting Topics

Once you understand what a definition essay is it is time for you to pick your topic. You should choose a topic that is interesting and grabs the attention of your readers. The goal is to make your topic interesting so the reader doesn’t think it’s boring and continues reading. You can find a variety of topics in our dissertation writing help.

They are organized by general categories. You can choose any one of these topics and make your own.

How to Write a Definition Essay on Love

The most beautiful feeling is love. It can be difficult to talk about love, particularly when it comes to defining it. So, let’s take a look at the topics we suggested. Despite its complexity, the definition essay on love is one of the most requested topics for academic papers.

  • Compare Love and Hate. Which emotion is stronger?
  • Is there a universal definition of love?
  • The relationship between love and other emotions
  • Love from parents
  • The relationship between passion and love

Essay on Happiness

Everyone feels happy at some point in their lives. It doesn’t matter if it’s a brief moment or a lasting feeling. It is a strong emotion that makes life worthwhile. Because it is relatable and familiar, a happiness definition essay is an excellent option. As an illustration, some of the key points one can highlight below.

  • Personal experience is the best way to define happiness
  • The insignificance of money
  • What is the history of the term “Parlay?”
  • How can you achieve happiness?
  • What is the opposite of happiness?

How to Write a Family Definition Essay

In comparative terms, a family definition essay can be used to define family values, family members, and other related topics. Because it can be adapted to all readers, it is very flexible. To achieve the desired result, make it personal. Include family traditions and values then weave the skills of how to write a definition essay to bring out a superb definition of the family in a given context.

  • American society has perfect family traditions
  • The 21st-century family and its values
  • Pre-arranged and child marital arrangements
  • Pros and cons of early parenting
  • Single child families
  • Family’s influence on education and career choices
  • Television’s role in family communication

Freedom Definition Essay

Freedom can come in many forms: freedom of choice and freedom of speech.  If you understand how to write nn essay on freedom you will not only be able to define it but also to argue about whether it is too much or too few. You can also discuss freedom in different settings and societies. The freedom definition essay is a very popular assignment in American schools. This essay can be combined with history and culture.

  • Being truly happy and free
  • The vision of freedom for Prisoners
  • Slavery is a way to explain the meaning of “freedom”.
  • Freedom movement
  • The American Civil War’s role in the formulation of “freedom”
  • Why people shouldn’t have full freedom

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Easy Definition Essay Topics

If you’re unsure which topic to choose, because they seem too difficult, check out our list of easy topics. These topics allow you to discuss things that you know well as college students. Writing them will be easy.

  • Based on Pride and Prejudice characters, the features of a hero are
  • Using the “Queen” example, describe success
  • What is it that makes someone a Villain?
  • Home conditions vs. campus
  • Modern life: The importance of a university education
  • Characterize an Antihero
  • Analyze the definitions of Beauty.
  • What makes someone a Hero

Extended Definition Essay Topics

You should only discuss broad meanings in the extended definition essay topics. Avoid terms that have only one interpretation. These topics can be used to create a complex argument that incorporates a wide range of ideas.

  • Parents take measures to maintain a healthy family.
  • There are similarities and differences between self-assurance, self-development, and self-management.
  • A person with generous traits
  • These are facts that show the FBI is violating the rights of US citizens
  • What the term “frenemy” means and how it is used
  • There are many factors that can identify someone as selfish.
  • There are methods to deal with laziness and its implications
  • Based on Marvel movies, detecting the traits of protagonists
  • What are the most important attributes of Royalty

Business Definition Essay Ideas

What is your major in business? This list contains a variety of essays that are easy to write about and will interest you. Although it may not be true, there are many interesting terms in economics, business, and e-commerce. These are some of the most popular ideas:

  • Economic recession: Causes and effects
  • The growth of e-commerce
  • Statistics and their role in business
  • How do you define a salary that is appropriate?
  • Social packages can include the following:
  • Producers and production
  • Management & Marketing
  • How do you explain what a start-up is?
  • Different types of marketing advertising

Definition Essay Ideas for Science & IT

These are some bonus definitions related to science & technology. These might be helpful if you are interested in discussing innovations and forecasts.

  • Programming language of the future
  • The World Wide Web / Internet
  • Operating systems (Mac, Windows, etc.)
  • Different types of telecommunications
  • E-learning: The pros and cons
  • Computer data & information
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Automated home systems

These are some examples of common definition essay topics. They are also questions that are often asked during coursework assignments and tests. This is where the goal lies: Choose an essay topic that you are most comfortable explaining and portraying as a student.

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Steps for Pre-Writing

A definition essay stems from a word that has multiple meanings necessitating how to distinguish their contextual use. As such, a person explaining  a term by defining its meaning or clarifying  its contextual meaning only how to  write a definition essay helps

This guide is from our custom essay service and shows you how to write a definition essay.

  1. How to Choose a Good Term

It is important to pick a topic that isn’t simple and doesn’t have a clear definition. You won’t have much space to write about a word that has a specific meaning. It is possible to write about a word with an abstract meaning if it has a concrete meaning. Nouns that refer to a person or place are not suitable for definition essays. These topics are not difficult to describe and define.

Term “Writing

* Allows for more flexibility

* You can describe it in many different ways

Term “Pencil”

* This term is too concrete

* Has no deeper meaning to delve into

  1.  The word should be multi-dimensional

This means you should choose a word with different meanings for different people. The word “love” can have different associations and feelings for each person. As such using it in definition essays can be very subjective as they allow the writer to express their interpretation of the subject. However, it is important to avoid assuming that others have the same meaning of your topic. This could only confirm the feelings and knowledge of others, but not provide any new arguments.

Terms “Hello”, or “Telephone”

You can expand the description of these terms.

It is better to choose a more complicated term at the beginning.

synonymous words have two meanings and are therefore particularly interesting to look at.

Term “Desk”

Has no dimensionality to it

Has limited reference when it comes to things

Possesses no deeper meaning

  1. Pick a word that you know well

All in all, tt is very difficult to write an essay about a word that you have just learned from a dictionary. At the same time, it is important to have some personal knowledge or experience with the word you are trying to define. Always remember that it is better to pick a word you know. This will give you the ability to expand on the topic and establish your credibility as an author.


Write about a term you associate with your life.

It may seem like you know what you are talking about.

The term “Thermodynamics”.

This word was probably learned in Physics class.

It will be difficult for the reader to relate to it

You will most likely sound boring and too scientific.

  1. Use the Word’s History

An etymology (or origin) of a word is the historical reason it was chosen. Thus, its choice plays a significant role in the current usage of the word. Make sure to inform your readers about it. To expand on the definition, you can use dictionaries and other online resources to explore the history. All these reference resources enable your findings should be published in your definition paper.

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Definition Essay Outline

Every essay should be written in the classic Intro-Body-Conclusion format. The rationale behind a definition essay structure requires that the introduction address the central question and include a thesis statement.

Another key point is that the outline is the draft of your paper. It should be carefully planned. After all, your main points and highlights should be included as building blocks for your paper. An outline will help you organize your essay and ensure that it is high-quality.

As a matter of fact, the length of the definition essay outline body will vary depending on the term. However, it should contain all points made by the author. The conclusion should summarize all of the key ideas and offer suggestions for future associations.


The introduction of a definition essay has two purposes. At first, the introduction must provide a standard explanation, or the most commonly used, of the term. It is possible to search for the term in a dictionary or on the internet. It is a good idea to pick the meaning that best suits your ideas and then move on. To ensure that your reader is engaged and excited to continue reading your essay, it is important to have an “attention grabber”. You can use a quote from a famous person, jokes, statistics, information or just a fun fact about your topic.

Next, you will move on to your thesis statement. Keep in mind the original meaning of each word. To avoid confusing the reader and to ensure a coherent flow to your paper, it is important that you stick to this strategy.

Thesis Statement

The introduction is where you will find your thesis statement. By all means, the thesis statement is the definition of the term. You can use a combination of the standard explanation, personal experiences and your own interpretation. This section should be brief. Don’t try to explain too much. Even though you should not say much, this section is where you transition to the main body of your paper.

Paragraphs for the Body

A definition essay usually has three paragraphs. The following organization is suggested:

Here’s an example of a well-structured body paragraph:

First Paragraph in body section – History and Origin

Second Paragraph in body section: Complete dictionary explanation and usage.

Third Paragraph in body section . Personal definition based on experience.

In the body of your essay, it is equally important for you to break down the term into its core components. Examine the term from several angles and give a pertinent explanation. Depending on the nature and scope of your assignment, more than three paragraphs might be required.

You can alter the format to suit your word.

Remember that you are writing a definition essay and must write down every definition you have to offer the reader. For that reason, you must do extensive research to fully comprehend the term. Your claims should be supported with examples.


The conclusion should be simple. This is where you summarize your main points. The main goal is to summarize your argument and the main points of your explanation.

In your definition paper outline, the last thing you should mention is how the term has affected you. For example, if you were writing about love, you could say that you felt more compassionate when you expressed that love to someone else. This experience changed your character and brought out a new side of you. There is usually a reason why a word is chosen before you even start writing it. This is often based on personal experience, in this instance, falling in love.

How to Write a Definition Essay Video Guide

As the video will demonstrate, it is important to take a break from the endless reading and thought and relax by watching our research paper writer video. This video will help you pick a topic and write a great definition essay. It is worth taking notes so that you are able to get the most out of it.

Post-Writing Tips on How to Write a Definition Guide

Most articles often overlook the point of giving the students some post-writing.  For that reason, we want to offer some suggestions on what to do with their paper after it is done.

  • References. Make sure to cite the appropriate references. You could be accused of plagiarism and your overall grade could be lower if you don’t follow these guidelines.
  • Edit. To ensure that your essay is error-free, proofread it. Double-checking grammar and spelling can make a huge difference in your grade. After proofreading the paper, you will be able to make any necessary changes to improve your essay. Do not forget to read the paper aloud. Your ears may catch mistakes that your eyes might miss.
  • Sources. Sources are what determine the quality of your essay. Avoid using unprofessional sources or sources that don’t appear academic. This can make you appear unprofessional.
  • Research. After you have chosen credible academic sources, ensure that the research was properly done. You should not rely on just one dictionary. Instead, use multiple dictionaries to present your words from different perspectives. A few good dictionaries combined will provide a complete picture of the word, and can cover all possible semantic meanings.
  • Quoting. It can be tempting to just copy and paste your definition word by word, then cite it. This can bore the reader right from the beginning. This can also show your inability or inability to paraphrase concepts and express them with your own words, which could lower your grade.

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Definition Essay Examples

These are examples of definition paragraphs for college. These papers have a very specific structure. If you want to use the same structure for your paper, any of these definition essay templates can be used.

Definition Essay Example: What is Success?

Different people have different definitions and meanings of success. To critically understand what success means, the most important recognition that any individual can make is that there is no one formula for success.

Definition Essay Example: What is a Hero?

Since the beginning of time, the term “hero” has been used in society. Most fairy tales (e.g., Disney productions) revolve around this title. In different contexts, people use the term “hero” as a compliment.