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How to draft an opinion essay

How to draft an opinion essay

Students are asked to express their opinions on specific issues. As such they need to learn how to draft an easy opinion essay effectively because they should substantiate the arguments with examples and explanations from relevant fields. Before writing your opinion piece, it is essential that you study its topic, definition and requirements before beginning to write it; examples may prove especially helpful; perhaps our college essay writing service could come in handy here. Read this guide for tips on creating an excellent opinion essay!

What is an opinion essay?

Students often ask, “What is an opinion essay?” An opinion essay is an assignment with questions that allows students to express their viewpoints on a given topic in writing. Students should express their opinions clearly and with logic; some forms of opinion essays require providing references in support of claims made in the writing process. To further internalize these concepts of how to draft an easy opinion essay, the student requires adequate exposure to numerous examples whose contents cover these types of essays.

Students should focus on one central idea in their paper, supported by examples and clarifications; directly addressing their audience with phrases like ‘Dear readers”; or some variation thereof; in the introduction, reference is made to books, speeches or plays with an obvious theme (ie the rhetorical question ‘Is the Pope Catholic’ being frequently raised); It is important to note that the moment you understand what an opinion essay is, you have to acquire the required skills on how best to draft an easy opinion easily. Needless to say, enough practice opens to the drafting of opinion essays considered complex. The question that pops into one’s mind is who should write these types of essays?

Who Should Write an Opinion Essay?

An Opinion Essay is written when there is a disagreement between two individuals or ideas. This implies that students enrolled in Cambridge Assessment English & the British Council’s International English Language Testing System who are non-native English speakers will need to learn how to write opinion essays. Both high school and college students can participate, with this course designed to increase English levels among its participants and allow them to express themselves while writing good opinion essays in English.

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What are the requirements of an opinion essay?

Avoid going off-topic: Craft an opinion essay that answers directly to the prompt. Avoid “beating around the bush”, as doing so could jeopardize your grade.

How To Draft an Easy Opinion Essay: Basic Requirements

This section explores how a student with skills and experience on how to draft an easy opinion essay should have the mandatory dos and don’ts when writing these essays at their fingertips. Using skills in how to draft an easy opinion essay entails giving your viewpoints/reasons on the topic and using evidence/ examples to support them. Therefore, the writer should;

Avoid Veering off the Topic: You should desist from beating around the bush and go straight to the point.

Indent First Paragraph: Opinion Writing Requires Indenting of First Paragraph Just like most academic papers, opinion writing requires the indenting of the first line in an introduction paragraph.

Craft an Effective Thesis This is an overview of an opinion essay. Your thesis statement sets the direction for the rest of the essay; fill your body paragraphs with all information relevant to it.

Employ formal language: While writing informal documents can be effective, using professional words like strong>furthermore/strong>, strong>as stated by/strong>, and “However/Thus” will add credibility and professionalism.

Avoid Internet Slang in Your Opinion Paper. Avoid words such as ‘LOL,’ ‘OMG’ ‘LMAO’ etc. in your essay to create an authentic argumentative piece.

 Use of First-Person Language is Accepted (but Optional). First-person language may be used to express personal opinions and ideas.

Avoid informal punctuation. The requirements do not permit informal punctuation such as dashes, exclamation points and emojis; all should adhere to official formatting requirements.

Make sure your grammar and spelling are accurate: Avoid inaccuracies by verifying all grammatical and spelling rules are being adhered to correctly.

You can learn about sentences and examples in our sample essays to that effect.

Choosing the Appropriate Topic for Opinion Essays

Before learning the structure, it’s essential to select from an array of topics for opinion essays. While choosing one can be easy, choosing an interest that captivates or excites you can make writing much more pleasurable; not to mention you will receive an effective paper in return!

  • Are there differences between sports and ordinary board games?
  • Is the use of animals in circus performances morally acceptable?
  • In dealings with our friends’ why is honesty the best policy?
  • Should all working people enjoy a 4-day workweek?
  • Should all people become vegetarians?
  • Is the earnings of a CEO too much?
  • Should every voter cast their ballot for his or her leader?
  • Pros and Cons of Daylight Saving Hours.
  • What are the safest and most energy-efficient cars of X years?

Structuring of an Opinion Essay Using the common format of How to Draft an Easy Opinion Essay

Students often struggle with the format of an opinion essay when writing opinion paragraphs, and may find the five-paragraph structure particularly challenging to navigate. Beginners may find it hard to identify where each section fits; therefore, all novice writers should review the structure first for revision before beginning an entire piece.

Are You Curious to Learn More About the 5- Paragraph Essay

Opinion essay introduction.

  • Referring directly to your audience and discussing a particular subject is vitally important for successful communication.
  • Referencing books, plays, speeches or poems directly addresses them
  • Invoking the author’s name and publication date is used as part of an argumentative thesis statement.

Thesis statement

  • Comprises of Short descriptions typically consist of one or two sentences
  • The one or two sentences summarize the entire document,
  • another sentence follows that links back to paragraph one (Body Paragraph 1) for arguments supporting its content.

First Body Paragraph

  • Topic sentence and supporting arguments
  • Sentence citing an Example
  • Explanation sentence
  • A linking sentence to the second body paragraph

Second body paragraph

  • Topic sentence and supporting arguments
  • Sentence citing an Example
  • Explanation sentence
  • A linking sentence to the third body paragraph

Third Body Paragraph

  • Topic sentence and supporting arguments
  • Sentence citing an Example
  • Explanation sentence
  • A linking sentence to the conclusion paragraph

Conclusion Paragraph

Finally, it should conclude by outlining the essay’s highlights

Have a conclusive sentence that gives a larger view in the conclusion).

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Opinion Essay Examples. Do you need something to guide you when learning more about writing opinion essays? Check out our samples to gain a better grasp of this form of academic writing.

Opinion Essay Examples on How to Draft an Easy Opinion Essay

Having learnt the standard 5-paragraph format of an easy opinion essay through sequential it’s now time to practice how to draft one using specific examples.

Sample 1: Discuss Popular Culture Stereotypes

American popular culture was historically a powerful influencer of racial stereotyping. Images seen on television, music videos and online have an enormous effect on how people behave and their beliefs; popular culture provides people with their identity and sense of identity. American pop culture has inadvertently created stereotypical images that negatively stereotype other ethnic minority groups, especially African Americans who have struggled since slavery to define themselves as American citizens. African Americans have historically struggled to integrate into American culture. African Americans are frequently mocked and shamed. Unfortunately, American pop culture exacerbates this problem by reinforcing negative stereotypes of film, theatre and music often portray African Americans as involved with violent crimes such as murder or theft.

Family Systems Theory: An example of an opinion essay

Family systems theories have significant repercussions for family relationships. I believe it is crucial for understanding an individual or a family better when in close proximity since it can be hard to tell whether someone lives a dysfunctional or functional coexistence when separated from each other; an extended family could experience tension between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law, yet once outside they may pretend, they have positive bonds; emotional attachments, as well as the culture developed within a family, are best understood when everyone is together.


An academic opinion paper requires students to express their thoughts and share them on a given topic by using logic and examples to support them. In order to write an effective opinion paper, it is crucial that writers become well informed prior to writing; reviewing topics of writing examples as well as requirements are all key parts of becoming proficient opinion paper writers. This information helps amateur writers become master writers.

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