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How to craft an SAT essay

How to Craft an SAT Essay

Many people ponder: What schools require SAT type of assignment? The answer is here. Ivy League Colleges such as Yale, Stanford, Yale and Stanford require the SAT essay meaning that if your goal is to gain acceptance into one of these prestigious institutions then it is essential to learn how to craft a strong SAT essay.

What is an SAT Essay?

Crafting a great SAT essay will not come to fruition if you don’t know what it is in the first place. A typical statutory assessment test (SAT) can require the student to read a passage, proceed with its analysis, and then write an essay on the same passage in a duration of 50 minutes. If you made a choice to do an SAT and you are wondering what structure you will follow, fret no more because this article is meant to inform you what an SAT essay is. It also has additional tips on the SAT essay format you can follow and emerge a top scorer.

In general, the SAT essay writing assignment is similar to other college papers you may be familiar with. The main distinction lies in how it’s graded – there are no topics assigned for you to write about like in other academic writing tasks you might encounter.

Before you begin writing an SAT essay…

It is important for you to get sufficient exposure on how to craft an SAT essay because when studying for the entrance exam, one important question to ask yourself is “How long does it take to write an SAT essay?” Writing the SAT essay requires a considerable amount of time;  making time management skills play a significant role in its preparation. Typically, four stages in the test serve as designated writing periods.

These stages take on different forms; some people are better readers, while others can create better outlines. Some writers write quickly, but no matter the amount of time it takes to write an essay, the general process remains unchanged. The structure of an SAT paper based on how to craft an SAT essay has an introduction, thesis statement, examples, examples explanations and a conclusion.

Stage 1: Familiarize Yourself with the Task

However, before you begin this task, take five minutes to become familiar with the tasks at hand. Don’t rush; otherwise, you could miss important details in the initial phase and end up failing the entire assignment before beginning to write it.

Stage 2: Craft Your Essay

Once you have all of the information needed, the next step based on how to craft a top-rated SAT essay is to begin planning. A strategy of action will help keep you on track during the writing process. A schematic can be drawn up as a visual aid to monitor progress throughout the endeavour.

Stage 3: Review Your Outline

As you continue drafting your SAT essay, do not forget to constantly review the flat outline you composed. This is because writing will take up most of your time. Begin by reviewing your outline. Don’t get stuck; let it not stand in the way of progress.

Stage 4: Proofread your paper

Writing essays isn’t complete without proofreading. Make sure to allocate enough time for editing so you have ample opportunity to catch any errors. Now you can take a deep breath and go over the text again in order to ensure everything is perfect.

Even with proofreading, you have to appreciate the fact that no matter your mentality, SAT essay practice will help you find the optimal timing combination within the time limit. It is essential that you factor this fact into your planning for the writing section of the SAT essay, as it takes 50 minutes. Reading and creating an outline are both key components in successfully completing this section of the test.

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What Your SAT Essay Should Include

Let’s now examine in more depth how to write SAT essay assignments. It is essential that you comprehend what should go into creating an effective outline for this exam. All papers related to this test must contain the following components:


  • Make a good first impression;
  • Avoid argumentative language
  • Briefly discuss the analysis methods employed by the author;


  • Consider all points raised by the author when formulating your conclusion.
  • Examiners need to comprehend the source. A quote may be appropriate.

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  • Examples that back up your claims are beneficial.
  • Cite a passage where the writer uses vivid language.
  • Quote only a few words, not entire paragraphs.


  • Be sure to add supporting claims to your evidence.
  • Discuss what makes your arguments powerful.
  • Explain why these examples are so compelling for the reader.
  • Restate your thesis; briefly discuss how your examples support it.

Here, it is not necessary to provide more detail or examples.

Finally, conclude with a conclusive sentence to give readers an understanding of how SAT essay writing tasks should be completed. Put differently, the SAT essay introduction gives the grader an analysis of the statement you are to argue using persuasive techniques. The thesis statement is clear and precise. Next, you give specific examples from the passage to back up the points you raised which are further buttressed by explanations of the examples. The conclusion as with other types of essays restates your thesis, briefly highlights the examples and how these together with their explanations supported your thesis.

Exam Essay Outline

In recent years, the SAT essay format was revised. Here’s how applicants will approach this assignment in 2022.


  • Your introduction paragraph should contain between 2 and 5 sentences.
  • Write about the purpose of your source material.
  • A few lines should be written describing the techniques used throughout your paper.

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  • The body typically consists of 2-3 paragraphs.
  • Each paragraph contains six sentences,
  • with the transition between them and your first sentence serving as its introduction.


  • Restate the thesis.
  • Mention any arguments raised in your assignment.
  • Conclude with a concluding phrase.

Tips for Crafting an SAT Essay

These SAT essay tips can help you achieve a high score on the essay portion of the test. By following these suggestions, you’ll gain insight into what makes up an effective response on test day and maximize your chances for success.

How to Achieve a High SAT Score

  • SAT Essay Questions Are Essential. Scrutinize the information quickly in order to gain insights into the author’s intentions.
  • Introduce Your Topic. Draw readers in by getting them thinking about it; this sets the atmosphere for the remainder of the essay.
  • Use Your Vocabulary and Effective Language. Avoid informal language. Repetitious points should be avoided, and grammar checked thoroughly. Stay away from simple words, slang, and writing in the first person.
  • Don’t veer off topic; be specific about the source to demonstrate you have read it thoroughly.
  • Practice makes perfect. SAT essay examples can provide insight into the structure of an essay. Use an example SAT essay as a model for crafting your paper.

What is an Average Score on the SAT Essay?

An average SAT essay score for reading, analysis and writing is 545. But you shouldn’t settle for that; if you want your application to stand out, your score must exceed this mark.

If you want to achieve a high score on the SAT essay, there are several factors to take into account. Here they are:

  • Reading
  • Analyse
  • Writing

In order to achieve a perfect score on your essay, you must demonstrate mastery over each area. Your topic matter must be familiar and any mistakes must be rectified immediately. Demonstrating that you understand facts and can interpret them accurately is key to gaining an A grade.

Analyzing your essay requires that you draw personal conclusions. Your writing must be more than a random stream of consciousness; your thesis must be well thought out and supported with credible, pertinent evidence.

Writing is all about presentation. Here you must demonstrate your mastery of the language through grammar proficiency. Your writing ability will also be determined by how well you organize and communicate your ideas. Formal writing styles are essential for serious academic papers of any subject matter.

What constitutes a good SAT essay score, you may ask? Achieving this goal necessitates a careful evaluation of your source material, argument and form.

Are SAT Scores Optional Now?

No, the SAT test is no longer mandatory. Colleges no longer use this approach for applicant screening purposes. But if you want to demonstrate your writing prowess, taking the SAT is still an option and will help you apply to top universities like Harvard (which does require essay submissions as part of its application process). Nowadays, modern methods of applicant evaluation such as writing a personal essay are essential if one wants to stay competitive in this competitive environment.

Should I Take the SAT?

Your goals determine whether or not you should take the SAT. If your major is analytical writing, taking an SAT test with essays is a great opportunity to showcase your talents and abilities. However, if you are uncertain of your score, don’t fret too much – there are other opportunities available to showcase your abilities as a writer.

SAT Essay Examples

These SAT essay samples will give you valuable insight on crafting an impressive paper. Use these examples as a model.

Example of an SAT Essay Topic: Paul Bogard’s “Let There Be Dark”.

Paul Bogard’s poem “Let There Be Dark” illustrates the power of rhetorical writing techniques to convey an important message: people should strive to reduce light pollution before night’s natural darkness is lost forever.

Example of an SAT Essay Topic: Dr. John’s “The Classics”.

Dr. John’s “The Classics” contends that modern English literature students are not as passionate about the subject as they should be. He states that classic texts can have tragic outcomes; this claim is supported by classroom surveys conducted across high schools nationwide.

Your skills on how to write an SAT essay manifest in the completed task by demonstrating that you have the ability to analyze the structure of a given argument and its impact on the reader using reasoning that is both clear and coherent.

Not sure where to begin?

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Starting Out

If you want to practice before taking the actual exam, search for SAT essay prompts online.

SAT Topics – Get Inspiration

Prompts are the best way to come up with topics for a practice essay on your SAT exam. While you won’t necessarily find exactly the same prompt as what you practised with on test day, it will provide enough practice that you feel confident in your writing abilities. You must always note that the graders of SAT essays do not care about the standpoint you take on the given issue, their design is to assess how you understand and explain your points of argument but few people will tell you this except through exposure on how to craft an SAT essay.

SAT essay graders do not care what your stance is on the issue. They care that you understand and explain how the author argues her point.

  • Write an essay explaining Volodymyr Ziensky’s argument that democratic countries should unite to support the Ukrainian cause.
  • What role does information availability play in shaping our perceptions of global issues?
  • Analyze and evaluate social constructs and stereotypes relating to various age groups.
  • Analyze and assess the significance of cooperation and competition in light of technological advancements for humanity.
  • Evaluate potential issues associated with creating a society that is isolated from others – perhaps setting up a colony on another planet?


The SAT test is becoming less and less popular, due to the pandemic. While not mandatory anymore, taking the SAT can still serve as a thorough way of evaluating one’s capabilities. If taking this exam will help demonstrate relevant skills for educational advancement, then taking it may be worth taking.