How does this religious perspective set the stage for the

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Please answer essay questions in Microsoft Word utilizing Times New Roman font; size 12pt. and double- spaced. Remember that a major component included in responses is the demonstration of understanding the cosmology and/or worlview of adherents of these faiths. To that end where possible, examples should be given, if applicable, to illustrate or complement your pages in length. Include a cover pages with your responses and place your name (Sabrina Chavez) upper right-hand corner of each page.
1. Select two Asian religions and/or philosophical worldviews for comparsion. Include in your response three basis or underlying tenets of each faith, and how those beliefs affect and/or contribute to daily life and culture.
2. Moses revolutionized the religious orientation of his people by persuading them to acknowledge that there is just one God. Who were these people, and what impact did the belief in the one true God” have at this moment in ancient history? How does this religious perspective set the stage for the continuation and development of the other two Abrahamic religious tradition?
3. A central tenet of Christian belief about Jesus divinity is his resurrection, and ascension. How did these beliefs mold Christian doctrine, and what role did the eschatology of Jesus play in relation to the Kingdom of God at the time?
4. Are there any similarities between the proliferation of Christian sects or religions and the various sect in Judaism? Are the same processes operating when variations of one religion developed?
5. Please list at least three basic tenets of a specific African- derived (Diaspora) faith and discuss how syncretism has contributed to belief and ritual. Also, explain how syncretism has affected any other religion of your choosing. Explain answer.