how do companies use psychological knowledge to improve the

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Review your materials from your Cognitive Psychology course. Choose one major topic in the field of cognitive psychology that would apply to your concentration (my concentration is I/O psychology), such as attention, memory, perception, reasoning, or language. Locate a scholarly journal article from the Library that relates this topic to your concentration.
Summarize the key points of the article for your classmates.
Describe how the information in the article can be used in working with clients in your concentration.
For example, a student in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology program may be interested in learning how perception and work environment affect attitudes in the workplace. You may locate an article on how companies use psychological knowledge to improve the positive perception of their brand. You would summarize the article and then describe how you could use this information in your future career.
Please read and answer ALL questions. A minimum of 350 words with references. Intro. and conclusion not necessary.