This is based on the attached article.

Section 1: Ethical Dilemma

In this case study, put yourself in the position of a decision-maker at a credit card issuing company.Discuss why the decision to offer location-based antifraud services to cardholders could result in an ethical dilemma for your company.In other words, what could go wrong, from an ethical standpoint?

Section 2: Stakeholder Analysis

In this section, identify the stakeholders, i.e., the individuals and groups that would be affected by your company’s decision to offer location-based antifraud services.Discuss why each of the stakeholders/stakeholder groups should be considered.

Section 3:Application of Ethical Theories

Assess the decision to offer location-based antifraud services through the lens of the following four ethical theories:utilitarianism, deontology, social contract, and virtue theory (as presented in Week 1).Use a second-level subheading for each theory, like this:


The ethical theories are presented in Week 1. Fully discuss the decision to offer location-based antifraud services in light of each theory.Consider the service not only in terms of its legitimate use, but also how it could potentially be misused by the company.

Section 4: Critical Analysis

Critically consider and discuss situations or conditions in which location-based antifraud services would be considered an ethical practice, and when it would be deemed unethical.In other words, present both sides of the ethical argument as it relates to location-based antifraud services.

Section 5: Recommendation

Consider, now, that the decision has been made in your company to offer location-based antifraud services for its credit card offerings.What do you recommend that the company do, in order to ensure that the location-based antifraud services are, and continue to be, delivered in an ethical way?Offer at least one specific recommendation that the company can implement.Clearly describe how your recommendation will be effective in supporting the ethical implementation of the location-based antifraud services.

After your final paragraph, insert a page break.Include an APA reference page (after a page break) at the end of your paper.