help with my work not complete

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I did an assignment but i have to correct some things. 

this is the feedback from the professor. 

hanks for submitting your final paper draft.  Overall you did a good job with it.  Please pay attention to the following areas and brush up on them as needed as you finalize the paper:

1.      Headings – Please review the instructions and grading rubric for this assignment and include all the subheadings required for the final paper. 

2.      Title Page – Do not center the running header. This starts at the left margin.

3.      Abstract – You made a good effort with this but it is quite long for an abstract. Please review and remove some of the information into the introduction where it seems that it should be.

4.      Introduction – I am not sure where your introduction ends since you did not use subheading for the literature review. 

5.      Literature Review – You did not use subheading for this section. However, you have some good content but there is a definite lack of the use of in-text citations. Please review to make sure that all the information you referenced is properly cited by using in-text citation.  Also, proof read for any spelling, grammar and sentence construction errors to make sure they are corrected as you continue to finalize your paper. 

6.      Research Methods used and data collected – You did not include this section. 

7.      Results and analysis of research findings – You did not include this section.

8.      Discussion of hypothesis/conclusion – Your conclusion is a good start but you still have time for any improvement. Please include the discussion.

9.      Reference page – 8 of your 10 references are older than 5 years. Please continue your search for more current references.

10.  Visuals – You did not use any although you are required to do so.

11.  Footnotes – Not applicable

12.  Appendices – Not applicable