Using the Federal Register
Locate a recent edition of the Federal Register that pertains to the Department of Health and Human Services. New editions are released daily.
Go to the following website: Click the link on the right that says “Federal Register.” Click on the most recent year. Click on a month, and then click on a day. Once you select an issue by the day it was released, scroll to the link titled “Health and Human Services Department.” You will see a list of notices. Click on the link to the PDF to the right of the notice to view it. Locate the following information in the issue, and record your findings:
issuing office, subject, agency, action, summary, dates, further information, supplementary information, and final rule. In addition to providing the aforementioned information, include a summary explaining your findings.
For more information on the Federal Register, refer to page 11 in the textbook. You may use the example on page 13 as a guide.
Your assignment should be a minimum of one page in length.