General Science

Part 1 Deliverables: Paper (APA or MLA) (4-5 pages) and Power Presentation (30-40 slides) for any one of the below topics:
1. Expert systems 2. Neural Networks 3. Data Mining 4. Fuzzy Logic 5. Bayesian based AI
Part 2 Deliverables: Paper (APA or MLA) and Power Presentation for any one of the below topics:
Machine Learning • Automated Reasoning • Speech recognition • Intelligent Materials • Fractals and Chaos • Evolutionary Computation • Reasoning Under Uncertainty • Heuristic Search • Swarm Intelligence Prolog, Lisp and other AI languages • Dynamic Programming • Predicate Calculus as a Representation language for AI 
Part 3 Deliverables: Paper, Presentation on the same topic that was chosen from part 2 (This is an in-depth research)
Select a topic from List #2 for further investigations. Prepare an in-depth paper on what you learned about your selected topic. This is a research assignment. I expect a minimum of 6 resources. • 
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