Final Journal Assignment

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Hi , 

Can you complete this assignment: due date 06/23/2017 (Tomorrow) 

Final Journal Assignment: due date 06/23/2017

Repeat the stress measures again. 

Are your stress measures higher or lower than in Week 1?  To what do you attribute any change in score?  What plan will you make for yourself in response to these scores?

Submit additional Mindfulness Worksheets with your Final Journal Entry. 

This Journal is due by the end of the course, according to date provided in Activities and Assignments Guide.

Student Stress Scale(1).pdf 

Perceived Stress Scale(1).docx 

Complete the Perceived Stress Scale again and submit into Journal area provided and answer the following: 

•             Is your score higher or lower than it was in Week 1? 

•             To what do you attribute this change in score? 

•             What plan will you make for yourself in response to this change in score?

Write an entry (word document) APA format and share your results (2-3 pages).  Interpret your results using the instructions provided.  


Student Stress Scale test

My results: 14. (See attachment) Increased

Perceived Stress Scale test: 

My results: 66 (see attachment) increased

·         Lower grade than expected (29):I suspended the last exam due to not enough study, poor time management and working extra times and weekends …….

·         Increase workload at the school (37): I’m in the last weeks of this semester with 2 classes and with a lot of assignments, test, and clinical practices

Attached is the first assignment completed to compared with this new assignment