due in 5 hours….. please read…… due in 5 hours

this is due in 5 hours…… no late work…. must have done in 5 hours……Choose a topic from the  list below that is of interest to you and review two scholarly articles that explores different aspects of your topic.  (your textbook may not be used as one of your sources ).For example, if your topic is asthma, you might find an article that discusses where elementary school age children should store  inhalers;  in their backpacks or the nurse’s office.  You may find a different article that suggests there are more cases of children with asthma from lower income levels  compared to children in other income levels.   Some information will be the same, what is asthma, causes of asthma, etc.  Each article will also contain article specific information, inhalers and income levels.Scholarly articles may be found in the Long Beach City College Library Databases.  Others may be found on the internet:Scholarly ResourcesLook for publications from a professional organization.Websites with a .org or .netYour report,Identify each article by title, author(s), periodical or journal, issue, date.Give a summary of each article.  Include definitions and various perspectives on the topic.In what ways do the article relates to the other.   Identify how the articles agree or disagree on various aspects of the topic?Summarize how each article broadened your understanding of your topic of interest.Your report needs to be between 2 1/2 – 4 pages in length and double spaced.Choose a topic of interest from the list below:asthmaautismfinding a good preschoolwhole language vs. phoneticsCommon Coreteen popularity and cliquesanorexia nervosacyber bullyingsex education in schoolsschools that handout condomsrelationship between bullies and bully-victims and attachmentpublic school vs. private schoolgirl brains and boy brains- what’s the difference?nerds vs. jocks and cheerleaderssports programs for girlsScholarly Resources that may be helpfulLook for publications from a professional organization.Use databases such asJSTOR (Links to an external site.)that contain only scholarly sources.Use databases such asAcademic Search Complete (Links to an external site.)or other EBSCO databases that allow you to choose “peer-reviewed journals”.See whetherUlrich’s Periodicals Directory (Links to an external site.)indicates that it is a Refereed Journal