Assignment:For each organization, research to identify the dimensions of diversity and degree of inclusion (e.g., race, ethnicity, language, gender, age, religious beliefs, disabilities, as well as others described in the resources you use). Consider evidence you would use in assessing each organization and in comparing your views of each. Specifically, what would you look for to assess the level of diversity and concerns regarding inclusion? How would you go about obtaining this information? For example, on an organization’s website, look for mission statements on diversity and inclusion; employee forums addressing equity issues; and task forces on improving diversity and inclusion, or meeting related goals.Based on your research, reflect on the culture of each organization as it relates to issues of diversity and inclusion. Speculate on how diversity and inclusion issues affect, positively and negatively, such areas as:Organizational performanceStaff moralePatient careBusiness case for diversity and inclusionUsing the Template document provided, create a PowerPoint presentation that compares the two organizations you researched and highlights your conclusions on the impact of diversity and inclusion in each organization. Prepare 10–12 slides, plus title and reference slides, to include the following:Define “diversity” and “inclusion” as applied to your presentation that will compare two healthcare organizations.Describe the two healthcare organizations you are comparing, including type and degree of diversity and inclusion, as well as organization size, location, and other distinguishing factors. Include supporting sources.Analyze the culture of the two healthcare organizations and how each is influenced by diversity and inclusion. Be specific and provide examples.Compare the cultures of the two healthcare organizations, considering the role of diversity and inclusion in each, and the strengths and weaknesses that relate to or derive from the degree of diversity and inclusion. Be specific and provide examples.Summarize your conclusions on the impact of diversity and inclusion on organizational culture in healthcare settings based on your comparison. Be specific and provide examples.Apply leadership strategies for a nurse executive to promote greater diversity, retain diverse staff members, and build cohesive teams and workgroups.