Maintaining Standards

Maintaining StandardsChoose a topic and discuss the standards in detail.  Analyze how these concepts/ processes influence the standards in your organization, including staffing, decision making or workplace issues, both positively and negatively.Affordable Care ActAgency for Healthcare, Quality and ResearchBenchmarking Tools and OrganizationsCertification for NursingElectronic Health Care RecordElectronic prescribing / TelehealthInstitute for Healthcare, Quality ImprovementLean Project ManagementOutcomes ManagementPatient Care PathwaysPopulation Health ManagementPractice GuidelinesQuality ManagementRisk ManagementSentinel Event ManagementStandards of Nursing PracticeStandards of Patient CareStructure StandardsTJC AccreditationUtilization Managementalue based careSupport your discussion and opinions with facts and relevant examples from personal nursing practice.All submissions must have a minimum of two scholarly references to support your work.Examples of work to show mastery:2-3 page paper – APA format