neurological disorder -spinal tumor/cancers

introduction and discussion/conclusion.The final discussion is a concluding argument revealing a “defensible solution” to the healthcare topic, supported by the “evidence” .introduction and discussion/conclusion.Scientific, mathematical/analtycal, ethical, cultural perspective of the neurological disorder relating to spinal cancers and tumor.  placing the perspectives in a strategic arrangement that supports the final paper, your argument for a “defensible solution” to the health care issue you have studied, researched, and written about. As a result, this final paper will be comprehensive and summative.Important: this final paper should include a newly composed introductory section, and a final conclusion section which presents your discussion of (and argument for) the solution. Your argument for the defensible solution that you propose should be the focus of this paper.Your paper must:Be 15–20 pages in lengthTitle page (1 page)Introduction (1–2 pages)Reworked informative papers (10-15 pages)Conclusion (1–2 pages)References page (1–2 pages)Reference 12–15 scholarly, peer-reviewed resources (compiled by combining all of the references from your Perspective of Inquiry papers and any additional resources you use in this final paper.)Follow all APA formatting guidelines for this paper, with each of your previous four papers being presented as “sections” of this fifth paper, using Level 1 headings.Use theprovided template.Refer to the rubric for evaluation details and to assist in preparing the paper.Due: Submit by 11:59 pm (Pacific time) the evening before the Week 8 onsite classPoints: 150Team Meeting Notes:In your team meetings this week (both in-class and online) focus on sharing your solutions as you develop them.Pay attention to (and learn from) the unique aspects of each team member’s solutions, but do not reference them in your final paper. (You will reference one another’s solutions in your final presentation assignment.)Other Important Notes:Use the Learning Resources that address introductions and conclusions to help understand best practices and procedures for argumentative paperThat being said, realize that this paper is unique, as it is a culmination of Informative Papers (rather than a traditional argumentative essay). Use the aforementioned Learning Modules as guidelines for best practices, not as procedural requirements.It is highly recommended that you compose the conclusion section of your paper (your solution) first, then move backward into the introduction, and finally the abstract.Use the final paper template provided, adapting the titles of each of your four short papers as headings in this final paper, and following instructions and examples provided in our in-class meeting.Make sure to review the SafeAssign report generated when you submit your paper, and address and revise any portions of your work which might be plagiarized.