Discussion board 4-1

Grading Rubric, Sample Table, Link for this Discussion QuestionYou are admitting a 19-year old female college student to the hospital for fevers. Using the patient information provided, choose a culture unfamiliar to you and describe what would be important to remember while you interview this patient. Discuss the health care support systems available in your community for someone of this culture. If no support systems are available in your community, identify a national resource.Remember the cultural related characteristics would be related to communication in the culture, since we are conducting an interview, spacial distance, eye contact, level of openness, taboo subjects, who you should address etc. should be considered. Research cultural communication considerations prior to answering.The AHRQ tool kit is a great source for learning more about culture and providing culturally competent care. Here is the link,Any sources used should be scholarly and current ( within the last five years ideally , expand your search only if there is no current information).Grading RubricStates chosen culture +0.5Describes nursing considerations for the interview related to culture +3.5Discusses health support systems for the culture in your community +3.5Writing +0.5Table you may use:CultureConsiderationsResourcesUse “4: Adult Health Assessment” in the attachment below or use scholarly articles for references.