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InstructionsFor this assignment, you will select a topic different from the pro topic you worked on in Weeks 1-2. Conduct research on the topic and locate articles that takes a clear con position.Next, develop a con-position proposal for this new topic. The goal of the proposal is to create a working thesis statement and basic research plan that considers context, audience, purpose, and presents potential sources. A proposal is not an outline, as it does not structure the paper. Rather, a proposal offers direction for research needs and gives your professor an opportunity to provide feedback before the drafting process.Access the Con-Position Proposal Template and complete the six required sections:SubjectResearch QuestionClaimResearch PlanSynthesis Matrix (Add the 3 con sources.)Reference PageFor an example proposal, refer to pages 269-270 of our textbook.Writing Requirements (APA format)Length: 1 to 1.5 pages (not including title page & reference page)1-inch marginsDouble spaced12-point Times New Roman fontTitle page & Reference PageReference page (3 articles)GradingThis activity will be graded based on the Proposal Grading Rubric.Course Outcomes (CO): 1, 3, 4Due Date: By 11:59 p.m. MT on Sunday