Nursing Discussion Reply to my peers

Reply to my peersBegin reviewing and replying to peer postings/responses early in the week to enhance peer discussion. Participate in the discussion by asking a question, providing a statement of clarification, providing viewpoints with a rationale, challenging aspects of the discussion, or indicating relationships between two or more lines of reasoning in the discussion. Always use constructive language, even in criticism, to work toward thegoal of of positive progress.As in all assignments, cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format. You may use this APA Citation Helper as a convenient reference for properly citing resources or connect to the APA Style website through the APA icon belowInclude references with peer responsesQuestionIn your view,is access to healthcare a basic right?Should any basic healthcare services be provided to all US citizens?What about healthcare for US residents who are not citizens?Who should pay for basic healthcare services?Provide rationales for your responses.Peer # 1Healthcare access is a fundamental right that should be enjoyed by all the members of a population. As a fundamental right, the government is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring there are sufficient support systems that allow all to access healthcare (Klotz et al, 2017). Example of the support systems includes hospitals and other healthcare facilities, personnel working in the medical field, equipment and instrument used in healthcare and other organizations that influence the healthcare organization—making healthcare, a basic need to maintain equality in health for all people of a community.There is a need to provide essential healthcare services to all residents in the US (Klotz et al, 2017). Example of critical healthcare services that need to be delivered to all US residents includes healthcare consultation services and treatment of medical conditions such as cancer and other diseases with a high mortality rate.It is necessary to ensure that the health standards of all people in the US have been observed and maintained at the desired level. As a result, foreigners and tourists in the US should have the right of accessing healthcare services if the need arises when they are in the US (Klotz et al, 2017). That way, the US will be setting the pace and standards to observe by other countries on matters health for foreigners and tourists in other countries.It is the responsibility of the citizens to pay for all basic healthcare services through taxes. In such a case, the government should collect taxes and allocate the necessary amounts to the healthcare industry to ensure that the members of the population have the right to access healthcare services when the need arises (Schraufnagel et al, 2017). Insurance organizations providing healthcare coverage for the members of the population should as well cater for the costs incurred in healthcare. Providing such coverage helps to increase access to health for all members of the population.Healthcare access is a fundamental right as it is a significant determinant of the population in a region. Failure to ensure that healthcare is a basic right result in a high mortality rate leading to the low population (Schraufnagel et al, 2017). It is necessary to ensure that both US citizens and non- US citizens when in the US have the right to access healthcare services. Accessing healthcare services for both groups helps to uphold the value of health to all and eliminates discrimination in healthcare (Klotz et al, 2017). The government generates its income through taxes. The government should also use the same strategy to ensure healthcare services are available to all. That way, all people will have an opportunity at life.ReferencesKlotz, S., Bielefeldt, H., Schmidhuber, M., & Frewer, A. (2017). Healthcare as a human rights issue: normative profile, conflicts and implementation. transcript Verlag.Schraufnagel, A. M., Schraufnagel, W. E., & Schraufnagel, D. E. (2017). Is Healthcare a Human Right? Yes. The American Journal of the Medical Sciences, 354(5), 447-448.Peer # 2Is access to healthcare a basic right?Health care should be a right for all citizens, however, I believe that more than a right it is a privilege of those who have insurance that is paid personally or by an employer. Even though the state has developed programs to benefit a certain group of the economically disadvantaged population with medicare and medicaid (Black, 2017), I believe that the federal and state government have a responsibility to ensure health care for all citizens.Should any basic healthcare services be provided to all US citizens?Of all industrialized countries, only the United States and South Africa do not provide universal access to healthcare for all their citizens. United Kingdom through the national health service (NHS) provides basic healthcare to all citizens (Black, 2017). Even though each county in the communities has a local agency that provides paid and unpaid services to all citizens such as immunizations, well-child care and prenatal care, tuberculosis, and infectious disease control, I believe that it is not sufficient and that the state should guarantee its citizens basic healthcare services without the need to buy insurance. With the approval of the reform made by President Obama in March 2010, ACA, improved access to affordable health coverage for all citizens, however it is not within the reach of the entire population.What about healthcare for US residents who are not citizens?I believe that legal residents have the same rights to receive basic health care as citizens.Who should pay for basic healthcare services?I believe that basic medical care should be guaranteed by the government, and therefore should be paid for by the government. I believe that insurance must exist and must be paid, but basic medical care must be accessible to all citizens. I believe that a healthy population is necessary for the growth of a country, so it is the responsibility of the state to guarantee the promotion, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of health. There have been many attempts to improve the health system so that everyone has access to it, I think that if countries like Germany, Norway or Spain can offer access to health to all their citizens, why not the United States?Reference:1. Black, B. P. (2017). Professional nursing: Concepts & challenges (8th ed.). St. Louis,MO: Elsevier.