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Assignment 2: Review of a Nursing Research ArticleSelect a nursing research article from the list below that includes a theoretical or conceptual framework and the exploration of a clinical problem. Identify the nursing research article components using the Week 5 research template.Development of a Proactive Care Program (U-CARE) to Preserve Physical Functioning of Frail Older People in Primary CareEmotional Work and Diversity in Clinical Placements of Nursing StudentsNurses’ Preparedness and Perceived Competence in Managing DisastersSelf-efficacy-based training for research literature appraisalThe template will be evaluated on the effectiveness of the discussion of the following components. If a component is not present in the article, its absence should be discussed.Identify the research problem.Identify the research purpose.Summarize the review of literature.Identify the nursing framework or theoretical perspective.Identify the research questions and hypotheses.Identify the variables.Identify and discuss the appropriateness of the design.Discusses the validity and reliability of the instruments, tools, or surveys.Discuss the significance of the study. Did it resolve the question?Discuss the legal and ethical issues of the study. Include the use of human subjects and their protection.Describe any cultural aspects of the studyDescribe the final sample.Describe the procedures for data collection.Summarize the results including statistical analysis used or other method of analysis.Describe how the results of the research may impact future nursing practice.Apply the research to the student’s nursing practice.NOTE: If a component is absent, student receives a zero for that component.Cite any resources in APA style and include a copy of the article with the submission.