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Course Description:This course examines the role of the nurse in advanced practice in the clinical, primary care, education, administration, research, healthcare specialty, health policy, and political arenas. The historical role of the nurse, nursing theory and leadership models within a variety of healthcare regulatory models provide the basis for self-reflection, self-mastery, professional integrity, and ethical decision making to help the student transition from clinical expert to the advanced practice role.  (4 credits) A minimum grade of B is required to pass this course.Introduce yourself to the class! Your introduction should cover the following details:· Your name· Your location· Your profession· Your work experience· Your expectations from this course and interest in specific aspects of this course· At least two objectives you hope to achieve through this course and the way you will attain these objectivesIn addition, provide answers to the following questions:· What are your career goals?· Where would you like to work?· Discuss your current profession and how this course relates to your professional interests or goals.