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What are your thoughtsThroughout this course we will need to utilize many databases to assist in our research project. Understanding where to find the best databases will help up establish a good foundation for our research. “The Cochrane data base is one that helps healthcare workers make quality decisions.” (Cochrane, 2020). Their volunteers goal is make sure that that healthcare officials have the best most up to date evidence from what research can find. The website is very user friendly. They have multiple ways to look up specific topics. Unlike Google scholar where you will have to search is often hard to read through and you are having to search more and word things just right to find what you are needing.GCU also offers the Joanna Briggs Institute(JBI) EBP. “JBI provides users with leading evidence-based resources-making it easy to find evidence they can use in decision making.” (OVID, 2020). This database has thousands of evidence based practice articles over multiple diseases, protocols, and best practice procedures.With any research quality is one of the most important things to consider when looking for evidence based practice articles. Of course with any database there can be issues and some may be better than others, but the two I have choose have been peer reviewed, unlike some of the Google scholar.