Dq response

What are your thoughts?Finding the best research articles is very important to support the capstone project change proposal, one GCU library scholarly database is CINAHL (Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health Literature) which is recommended by the GCU library as a starting point for nursing resources, it has access to top nursing and allied health journals (Grand Canyon University Library, 2020). CINAHL is powered by EBSCO which is known as a trusted reference system with reliable information (EBSCO Health, 2020). Another scholarly database that will help find the best articles would be PubMed which is a free database of more than 30 million citations for published articles in the fields of biomedicine and health. The use of these two databases would help find articles that best support the capstone project and eliminate the use of false information from unreliable sources. As nurses that are almost completing our BSN it is imperative that the information, we present is reliable and supported by quality information and the most recent evidence-based practice.