Health Policy and Management

Please answer the following questions with supporting examples and full explanations.Analyze how policies influence the structure and financing of health care, practice, and health outcomes.Develop institutional, local, state and/or federal policy initiatives.Consider the role of government and various professional organizations in the process of planning and implementing policies at management levels for diverse healthcare environments.Examine the effect of legal, ethical, and regulatory processes on nursing practice (and/or change to providers), healthcare delivery, and outcomes while maintaining balance with administrative and fiscal responsibilities.Interpret research, bringing the nursing perspective, alongside perspectives of their administrative colleagues, for policy makers and stakeholders.Advocate for policies that improve the health of the public and the profession of nursing and health care administration.For each of the learning objectives, provide an analysis of how the course supported each objective.Explain how the material learned in this course, based upon the objectives, will be applicable to professional application.Reflect back on your journey through this course and answer the following:What was the most valuable thing you learned in this course?