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What is Congestive Heart Failure? Explain the pathophysiology, signs and symptoms, possible complications and how the condition is medically managed. Develop a care plan with three nursing diagnosis, assessment, goals, interventions and evaluation explaining how you would take care of a patient with this condition.Guidelines for Informative Paperwrite a 3-5-page Informative Paper.Paper specifications:• Cover page must include paper title, student name, course name and submission date• Paper must include abstract, Introduction, body, and conclusion• Paper must be in word document, typed in 12 fonts, times new roman, single spaced• Student must use at least one credible research article or journal and must be citied in the reference section of the paper• Citations or references within paper must be in APA format• References must be listed at the end of the paper – APA format• Paper must be arranged neatly in an orderly sequenced manner, and submitted.