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What are your thoughtsA common neurologic problem today is a stroke. Strokes can be causes by excessive bleeding or a blood clot in the area of the brain. Bleeding or clot causes lack of blood flow to the brain and prevents oxygen from flowing into the brain. This is where it becomes a stroke. Strokes are amongst the leading causes of death where every four minutes someone is dying from a stroke and also an important fact is that 80% of these are preventable (Falkner & Green, 2018). Important to know as nurse the acronym BE FAST which allows for knowledge of the main stroke symptoms and of course when seeing these symptoms we must act fast to assist our patients. Noting if the patient has a loss in their balance, how is their vision, is their face symmetrical, are they having weakness or numbness in one arm, are they slurring speech or having any difficulty speaking and if any of these symptoms are present to be quick and get help (if in the hospital Code Stroke/RRT or call 9-1-1 elsewhere).Prevention of strokes starts with changing one’s lifestyle. Lifestyle changes and modifications can assist with living a healthy life and one without disease. Some modifiable lifestyle changes include a healthy diet of low fats, increasing physical activity, weight loss and quitting smoking. Stroke is often times related to other health problems including hypertension, AFIB and diabetes. Due to this relation, it is important to have control over these health condition including compliance with medications and also making necessary lifestyle changes to improve overall health.