Reflective Seminar

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This isn’t a paper.. you can just answer each question, with examples, and incorporate reflective learning concepts where appropriate (be sure to cite). Make sure to answer with good strong paragraphs to show you know the material.1.  In the field in which you are majoring or earning your Prior Learning Assessment credit, are there various frameworks or “schools of thought”? Do people have differences of opinion about them? Describe them.2.  Have you changed your mind between different theories, approaches, or “schools of thought” in your work? How did the change in your thinking happen and why?3.  Have you had to explain different approaches to someone new at work or to someone new in your volunteer activities? What was it like explaining it, as compared to doing it?4.  Do you feel like you have a variety of different knowledge from different perspectives about what you do? How did you learn to be “versatile” in the learning you achieved?5.  In reflecting on your past experiences, did you come to a stage in your own development when you could see how “complex” a situation was – more so than people who were new to your work or volunteer experiences? What activities did you engage in that gave you this complex understanding?6.  Looking back on your prior learning, are there times when you have changed your outlook, or self-transformed? Do you feel that you came to a point in your development when you were more able to change your approach, or you could “see the big picture” and that gave you courage to change how you did things or make new suggestions to people ranking above you?