NR631 week 7 SR2

RespondOne variance within the EMR project that could occur would be if more training hours are needed for employees than originally identified. Perhaps a few employees are slow learners or need some extra attention. The original allotted hours may not be sufficient. As the human aspect of any project is sometimes difficult to predict. Another aspect that can affect the project is cost risk, which is a reason that many projects to not finish (Górecki and Díaz-Madroñero, 2020). In most of my projects I try to account for cost risk in any department. If I had a $1,000 budget, I would try to hit somewhere near $900 conservatively if possible if there are variables which could affect the budget. Effectively this is what I have accounted for in my budget already and feel as though the buffer I have provided would cover extra training.Another example of possible cost variance is potential change in staffing (Robbins, 2019). For example, if there is a transition in the department or we are unable to provide adequate staffing for training, the project may be prolonged, and costs will incur for IT support and departmental coverage. In order to determine if I need to adjust my budget for hours, I would see how much we have used in training to date, and look at the estimate towards completion. If the allocated amount would not be enough, I would revise and factor in the costs with an updated budget using the buffer amount.My current budget is as follows:$30,000 – implementation of module with current system for assignment and prioritization into current EMR system. A module already exists but should be fine-tuned to the practice.$2,800 – Approximately 50 hours of training for the project implementation team$6,500 – Approximately 25 hours for each end user in ED$50,000 – New equipment to provide access to every provider$4,000 – Approximately 100 salaried hours for Manager for hours worked on project$1,200 – Potential informatics specialist to assist with EMR system report monitoring to identify issues during implementation$4,000 – On-call EMR help for tools for four weeks$50,000 – New equipment for laboratory services to provide access for all laboratory staff$5000 – Approximately 20 hours for each end user in laboratory$50,000 – New equipment for radiology services to provide access for all laboratory staff$5000 – Approximately 20 hours for each end user in$360,000 – Additional staff (RN, laboratory technician, radiology technician)$250,000 – Physical plant construction (new nurses stations with view of patients for charting from computer, removal of a wall, compliance/planning with architect)