The Nurse Leader as Knowledge Worker

Explain the concept of a knowledge worker.  IN YOUR OWN WORDSDefine and explain nursing informatics and highlight the role of a nurse leader as a knowledge worker. IN YOUR OWN WORDSDevelop a simple infographic (s).  to help explain these conceptsYour PowerPoint should Include the hypothetical scenario you originally shared in the Discussion Forum.Include your examination of the data that you could use, how the data might be accessed/collected, and what knowledge might be derived from that data.Be sure to incorporate feedback received from your colleagues’ responses.The PowerPoint slide count does not include the title slideThe PowerPoint slide count does include the reference slide. This should be your last slide.Carefully review the assignment guidelines/expectations.presentation should not exceed 10 slides. Be specific Consider paraphrasing.Your responses to your colleague’s posts are an essential part of the first written assignment which is a PowerPoint presentation. No PDFs.Only a PowerPoint is accepted. Any other formats submitted will result in a Zero.