Examine the key test measurement constructs of reliability

The Beck Anxiety Inventory and The State-Trait Anxiety Inventory
Examine the key test measurement constructs of reliability and validity for each tool, and compare these constructs for each tool. You will want to describe the methods used to acquire reliability and validity for each assessment and also discuss how the constructs relate to each other between the two assessment tools.
Describe how results on each assessment are interpreted. For example, how are scores interpreted in comparison to group means and norms (for a standardized or norm-referenced test) or to cutoff scores (for criterion-referenced test)? How are scores on this assessment correlated with other tests that measure the same construct?
Based on the review of literature, evaluate which assessment tool has clearer application of measurement concepts.*Incorporate a minimum of six scholarly research studies analyzing the effectiveness of each selected assessment tool in professional settings.
**There are 3 bolded headings, address all text under each heading. Each bolded heading are the headings to include in the paper. Please put the heading given to make it easier to go over the paper.
**The text under each heading must address both tool assessments, which i provided in the beginning of the post
*6 pgs