Examine how attitudes and behaviors of a group can

Search for research articles on theories and concepts related to prejudice, stereotypes, and groups. For your assessment, apply at least one theory or concept to each of the following:
Examine how attitudes and behaviors of a group can contribute to prejudice and stereotyping.Analyze how the portrayal of ethnic, cultural, or social groups by the media can influence social perception of those groups and perpetuate stereotypes. Provide specific examples of how a group has been portrayed in the media.Explain how membership in a group can influence social judgment.Analyze how subtle stereotyping in everyday language and cognitive dissonance can affect the ability to bring about social change. Provide specific examples.Describe the types of ethical considerations researchers should consider before conducting research on the hotly debated topics of prejudice and stereotyping.What are the implications and likely consequences for society if prejudice and stereotyping are not reduced?