ERP systems scenario short essay

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Very short essay. 3-4 paragraphs on implementing ERP systems

Given the summary below, discuss what type of implementation approach might be best for the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. Be sure to indicate why you have selected this method.

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles is the agency responsible for licensing both drivers and vehicles in the state of Nevada. Until recently, legacy systems were used for both.The legacy system for drivers’ licenses maintained the following information about each licensed driver: name, age, address, violation, license classification, organ donation and restrictions.The vehicle licensing system maintained information about each vehicle, including costs, taxes, vehicle identification, weight, insurance and ownership.In the Summer of 1999, over a three day weekend, information from the two legacy systems were transferred to a new ERP.The ERP and all new hardware were installed in every DMV across the state and when employees returned from their long weekend, an entirely new system was in place.

The DMV employees were not well trained on the new system, and the system itself presented a few bugs.As a result of these obstacles, customers at the DMV faced excessively long lines and extended waiting times, and several o the employees simply quit their jobs because of frustrations with the system and difficulty dealing with irate customers. Knowing that the waiting times were so long many drivers simply refused to renew licenses or obtain new licenses.

Assume that the ERP the DMV management selected was correctly configured and was capable of meeting all requirements of the DMV; consider business culture implications, disruption to operations and discuss the advantages and disadvantages associated with the decision to implement the new system using the big bang approach vs the phased in approach?