Endorsements can have an enormous effect on brand recognition and the marketing strategies that a team, organization, or brand uses to reach its target market. Examine details related to each athlete endorser by summarizing the following in your paper.

  1. Sport with which the athlete is affiliated.
  2. Product the athlete is endorsing.
  3. Ways in which the athlete is endorsing the product.
  4. How much the athlete is being paid to endorse the product.
  5. Role the athlete’s social media presence plays in the endorsement process.

In 750-900 words, describe the marketing strategies employed as part of the athlete endorsement. Next, analyze the effectiveness of these strategies and each athlete endorser. Discuss the marketing challenges associated with the athlete endorser (contractual, costs, image, etc.) and the long-term effects of the endorsement deal on the team, organization, or brand. Use data and examples to support your analysis. In your final paragraph, present your opinion about which athlete endorser is most desirable for promoting the specific team, organization, or brand and justify your opinion using research findings.