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Thinking back to the Leading Health Indicator upon which you chose to focus in Module 1, are we “on target” to meet the goal/objectives associated with that indicator by 2020? Please explain your response. (Note: The Leading Health Indicator I chose to focus upon in Module 1 is the Maternal, Infant, and Child Health.)

Required Readings

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (2010). Healthy People 2020: Leading Health Indicators. Retrieved from

E- Discussion

Twin brothers living in the same household have almost the same lifestyle. They eat the same food, exercise five times a week, and meditate regularly. However, the younger twin learned recently that he has been diagnosed with lung disease. Based on your readings and research so far, what could have contributed to this diagnosis? Provide in-text citation(s) to support your explanation.

Required Readings

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What Are the Risk Factors for Lung Cancer?