Economics paper, industry organization & Pub Pol

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The attached pic named 1 is the guide of the essay, and I am going to write part of the essay. It is a group project. We are going to write about the telecommunications industry. we are focusing on the tier 1 providers only. There are only 6 companies in it in us.(I will post a picture in the file, level 3 is part of the century link now, maybe you can explain it a little bit.) It’s like the guys who gather the date and distribute it. You need to do the general research to start the paper. Like find out about the products. We decided to stick with the distribution of tele services. There are some modern issues with the industry, like net neutrality issues. We could explore that either(Because it is a group project, you can just write a little about it.) Also you need to write telecommunications history like how it developed overtime. The outline is 1.introduction 2.history 3.terminology, technology, general direction of the market. Current market issued. And I only need to write the three parts. Please remember it is a economics class, you need to read the syllabus i put in the file and the information. You should describe an industry and use the economic tools or what we have learned in class to examine one or many aspects, such as market structure, market power, pricing and marketing strategies (e.g., price discrimination and advertising), innovation, development and history, current existing issues, related government policies, and all other topics that are worthwhile.(I think my part is easy and is use a few) empirical analysis is highly encouraged. If you have any question please tell me!