Dr. Sklar Interview Discussion Forum Part 1: After watching

Part 2: After Tuesday, review the posts from students in your forum group and respond to at least one post. Start a discussion, answer your fellow classmates question if you can, expand upon your fellow classmates question.
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—> The main aspect of Dr. Sklar’s interview which I enjoyed the most would be his honesty as well as his dedication to fulfill his curiosity. His enthusiasm towards helping the environment become a better place conveys his frank attitude towards problem solving for the greater good of the Bay Area environment. His ingenuity in his project (miniaturizing Bay Area terrain characteristics) exemplifies his ambition to achieve progress. 
One question that could be raised by the interview regards the collaborative process between Dr. Sklar and the people from other fields. In one part, he was keen to announce that it is always exciting to see people from other fieIds collaborate with him. I am wondering how collaborating with people with other fields would work. In particular, I would be eager to see how this process into fruition. Particular, I would like to see what would actually make it into a conversation of Sklar, and perhaps an economist of some sort. I would like to see how environmentalists economize the best decision possible.