discussion about GDP and limited 250 words per question

GDP is used as the reference with respect to economic growth. You should research ONE of the aspects related to the concept and explain why you feel this is important and how it relates to the topic we are studying this week. Remember that this is an analysis of current events (or a historical overview) but do not repeat the textbook material. You will post and then you will be able to read what others have posted. You should then comment or ask questions of what has been posted.

Limit your selves to 250 words per post and include a live link to the article you are using.

1- How fast has the US GDP grown in the past 4 years or so and look at what industries played an important part in that growth, or reasons why growth was slow.

2- Pick a country and analyze their growth, how has the government helped/hindered, how do they relate to the US economy

3- How important is international trade to the US GDP? How will the trade negotiations impact the US GDP?