Disaster and Communicable Disease Preparedness

Disaster and Communicable Disease Preparedness
Preparing for disasters, terrorist threats, or communicable disease outbreaks is an important part of public health nursing. Visit the websites http://www.ready.gov and http://www.ready.gov/pandemic. Review the steps for being prepared for a disaster or pandemic.

Choose a natural or man-made disaster that could impact your community and discuss how a CHN can help the community to prepare or respond to this disaster.
Choose a potential infectious disease outbreak and discuss how a CHN can help to prevent or respond to an outbreak.
How well is your community prepared for a potential outbreak or disaster?

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Disasters can occur suddenly and without warning; usually with no way to prevent them. However, communities can prepare for them. It is important that communities are assisted in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from a disaster. The CHN advocates for a safe environment and may have an active role in each phase of disaster management. Examine the steps for preparedness and determine what you consider priorities. Also, compare these steps to your own community’s preparedness. It will be interesting to see how prepared you are!