describe specific ways you would help a group form a sense

Title: Week Four Forum Developing Group/Team IdentityWeek Four Forum- Developing Group/Team Identity 100 pts.
Due Date: End of Week 4
Forum 4:
After reading our Lesson in the Lesson section and reviewing the team building information in this weeks material, our forum this week centers on:
Developing Group IdentityAlthough team climate develops from how people perceive the interrelationships among the group members, a strong coach or leader can help influence the effective functioning of the group. Furthermore, research has shown that strong social support provided by a group has positive benefits, including aiding in physical and mental recovery. This exercise will allow you to think of some ways that you, as a group leader, can help a group establish a strong sense of group identity.Instructions1. Imagine that you have just become the coach of a basketball team or that you are leading a group of clients in a cardiac rehabilitation program. You believe that things with the team or clients would go better if the group developed an identity.2. In your initial post, describe specific ways you would help a group form a sense of group identity.Developing Group Identitya. Ways to enhance social supportb. Ways to increase proximityc. Ways to increase group distinctivenessd. Ways to create a perception of fairnesse. Ways to increase similarity
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