Debate about animal research (250 words)

Debate about animal research (250 words)


APA style/ 250 words

MUST use  Pence, G. E., (2017). Medical Ethics: Accounts of Ground-breaking Cases. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. As a source.   

Take a stance in the debate towards animal research 

A. Dr. Nguyen is right. Most animal rights advocates are irrational at best, and antiscience at worst. They are not experts in the medical field, yet they act as if they are. We are not testing on animals for enjoyment. If it were not necessary and yielding results, we would not be doing it. 

B. I agree with Dr. Miller. He is not advocation that all research be abolished, rather that we take a closer look at what we are doing and what tests are necessary. If we can stop animal suffering and throwing away innocent lives unnecessarily, we ought to do so. We can proceed from a scientific standpoint, take a middle ground, and change attitude like that of the AMA. In the process of changing minds, we can hopefully save a lot of animal lives as well. 

Also briefly touch on The Animal Welfare Act