The assignment is to use any of the theories that we will have discussed to date, including that of free will (in the Chicago School), a lack of deterrence for the offender causing crime (the Chicago School), and Strain/Subculture Theories (which we will discuss next week) and research a crime in the news (can be contemporary or historical). Then use the theory to explain the crime. For example, famous juvenile delinquency cases can be well-explained by Subculture Theories, which we will discuss next week. Drug crimes/robberies can be well explained by anomie theory (a part of Strain, which we will discuss next week). Sometimes there is no real, obvious cause for a crime, as in so-called “thrill-seeker” crimes–free will/lack of fear of punishment on the part of the offender (Chicago School) may well explain those types of crime. 10 pages maximum is the guideline with around 5 references