compare/contrast (1) ideas of the afterlife and (2) the

Part #1 of your Research Essay Assignment is due at the end of Week #4. In this assignment, you will select your freely chosen topic and in that process develop a articulated thesis statement and a list of three (3) (minimum) or more appropriate research resources that you can use to begin the work on your essay. These three resources cannot include your textbooks. Part #1 Completed: Thesis Statement: In this paper, I will examine the international implications of extreme fundamentalism and also the prayer rituals, concerning the two religious faiths of Islam and Christianity. Part #2 You will be required to submit an 8-page essay in Week #7 that compares and contrasts two specific characteristics in two common religious faiths. For example, one could compare/contrast (1) ideas of the afterlife and (2) the nature of morality in Judaism and Hinduism. This is not comparing the two religions in general. It is comparing and contrasting two specific characteristics of two different religions.