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Developing a Health Literacy Program for Children in a Low Income Urban Area

1  Read the scenario below.

2  Respond to the questions in full sentences. Be sure to use standard English grammar and spelling

a                    Why is information on health literacy essential for this group?

b                    What is the initial step you would take before designing the program?

c                    What role/function would you play in the beginning of the assessment phase?

d                    What role/function would you play at the end of the program?

e                    What additional resources would be needed to implement this program?

Strengthen Your Knowledge of EBP


3  Review the following website:


4  Then answer the following questions:

•                     How did the information you got from the website contribute to your knowledge of EBP?

•                     How might this information influence your use of EBP in your clinical practice?

5  Be sure to clearly indicate which article you read in your answer.

Your response should be 50 – 100 words.