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Re:Topic 2 DQ 2

I agree with the description Meilaender used in this reading with the terms procreation Vs reproduction and begotten Vs being made. Every children within the world need to be created through the unity of parents as well as love of God. Human meaning and personal significance in the biological bonds unites the generation. The Roman Catholic churches objects the assisted reproduction and contraception. Reproducing the new individual biologically is called as reproduction. The catholic religion changing their teaching and states that marriage’s primary end is procreation and that should not serve to alarm the faithful catholic. Rather, it should reassure and help us to see the role of husband and wife as well as the grace of the marriage. This will help the society to push against the cultures constant claim that the children are the problem, not the prizes of the marriage. The shift from procreation to reproduction is a part of manifestation of human freedom to master and shape the world (Meilaender, 2013). There is a biological tie which bind parents and children. The sexual union of men and woman is naturally ordered towards the birth of the children and it is a simple biological fact everyone need to be learned. The term “begotten of the father” doesn’t refer to Christ’s humanity. The child who is begotten not made, embodies the union of his/her father and mother. They didn’t simply reproduce themselves and the power of their mutual love given rise to another person to unite them in life. The love of husband and wife is life-living and it is truly a procreation. The marital love and procreation is one of the aspect of human and personal significance to be discerned in the “givenness” of the biological tie between the generation (Meilaender,2013).